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Our Clients Say

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We engaged Alive Design Studios services remotely to handle the interior design and elevation of our house. Throughout the process, Hemant demonstrated remarkable patience, especially considering that we didn't have precise floor plan measurements.
  They worked diligently with us, gathering the necessary information to initiate the design phase.

Initially, we had concerns about hiring someone from a different city, but Hemant's consistent communication and meticulous attention to detail alleviated our worries. He was exceptionally accommodating, readily adapting to our evolving requests and incorporating our feedback to enhance the designs. Moreover, he proactively expedited the project by prioritizing the ceiling designs. In the end, Hemant delivered comprehensive details, including working diagrams for each shelf, paint color options, and tile choices, and even extended his assistance to the landscaping aspect, despite it not being part of the initial contract.

The designs Hemant provided were nothing short of exquisite, embodying a beautiful, modern, and elegant aesthetic. They received unanimous appreciation from everyone in my household, and we wholeheartedly recommend Hemant to anyone seeking exceptional interior designers.

Reddy and family 

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